Department for Work and Pensions answers Rehman's written question on child maintenance payments enforcement

On 13th July, Rehman submitted the following written question to the Department for Work and Pensions: 

"To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, when the Child Maintenance Service will resume enforcement action against people who owe child maintenance payments."

Mims Davies MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Minister for Employment), has provided the following response:

"Where payments have been missed we have asked parents to report the changes via the self-service portal. In order to ensure that receiving parents do not lose out in the long run, the Child Maintenance Service is updating cases with notified changes. Where payments have been missed the Service is taking action to re-establish compliance and collect any unpaid amounts that may have accrued.

Those found to be abusing the system are subject to the full extent of our enforcement powers and the Child Maintenance Service will pursue these, where appropriate.

We are working with key partners, such as bailiffs and courts, who support enforcement activity to establish arrangements supporting enforcement. Once our key partners are fully able to support our referrals we will then move quickly to re-establish our normal and full range of enforcement services."