Rehman raises Asia Bibi case at Prime Minister's Questions

At Prime Ministers Questions Rehman welcomed the Foreign Office statement on supporting persecuted Christians. He asked the Prime Minister if the Government will now review its position on the Asia Bibi case and offer her Asylum so she can decide which safe destination she wants to go to.

Rehman interviewed on Sky News on EU Withdrawal Agreement

Rehman was interviewed on Sky News on the EU Withdrawal Agreement and explained his reasons for voting against the Government deal as it does not deliver on Brexit in line with the EU referendum result in 2016.

Rehman speaks in EU Withdrawal Bill debate

Rehman spoke in the Brexit EU Withdrawal Bill Debate and set out the points why he cannot support the EU Withdrawal Agreement stating that the deal: 1) Does not deliver on sovereignty 2) Contrary to the 2017 Election manifesto 3) Restricts ability to do trade deals 4) Threatens constitutional int

Rehman interviewed on BBC South East on illegal English Channel crossings

Rehman gave an interview to BBC South East as Member of Home Affairs Select Committee on migrant crossings and welcomed the announcement of additional resources by the Home Secretary to stop illegal channel crossings, secure borders and help save lives, and called for a medium/long-term strategy.

Rehman meets British Ambassador to the US

Rehman met with the British Ambassador to the US Kim Darroch along with Congressman French Hill looking at all aspects of UK-US bilateral relations.

Rehman attends start of 116th Session of US Congress

Rehman attended the start of the 116th session of the US Congress with a Bipartisan Prayer Service at St Peter’s Catholic Church Washington D.C with Congressman French Hill, also attended by Speaker Elect Nancy Pelosi and Minority Leader elect Kevin O'McCarthy.

Rehman lays Wreath at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Rehman visited Arlington National Cemetery with Congressman French Hill and laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, paying respects to all the courageous brave men and women who gave their lives alongside British troops.