It has been a great privilege to represent you since 2010. On my website you can find details of my campaigns. Please do contact me if I can be of any assistance.

Rehman has welcomed the Prime Minister’s announcement today (11 January 2016) that the number of beds in specialist mother and baby units will increase, following his recent campaign.

Last year, Rehman introduced a Private Members Bill, with the support of the Royal College of...

The number of specialist Mother and Baby Units in England could be increased under a new Bill introduced in Parliament today, which offers an innovative approach to the distance patients have to travel to access services.

With the support of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, Rehman has...

Rehman's successful campaign has convinced the Government to officially adopt the term Daesh instead of using ISIS, ISIL or the Islamic State. On 2 December 2015, the Prime Minister made a...

A new Bill has been presented in Parliament which aims to improve health care for people with mental illness and learning disabilities.

Rehman is pushing for health care commissioners to take full account of mental health needs when making decisions on care.

The Bill would require...

Rehman presented a petition to Parliament on Monday (8 June 2015) on protecting important local green spaces.

On behalf of residents in Gillingham and Rainham, and supported by local councillors, Mr Chishti presented a petition to protect Capstone Valley and the green areas around...

Rehman has won his campaign to toughen sentences for disqualified driving.

The Government has announced that it will increase the sentence for motorists who cause death whilst...

Support Rehman's half marathon run in support of The Oliver Fisher Special Care Baby Trust.


Rehman has urged the Government to introduce to take tougher action...
To improve care for people with mental health, Rehman has introduced...
Rehman's successful campaign has convinced the Government to...

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The Prime Minister was urged today by Rehman to take tougher...
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