Drink Driving Bill

Rehman has been campaigning for tougher sentences for motorists who persistently drink and drive.

The Government has now announced a review of all driving sentences which will include drink driving.

In Parliament he introduced his Drink Driving (repeat offenders) Bill, which would allow courts to lock up drink drivers for up to two years.

Currently the maximum jail sentence is six months no matter how many times a motorist has previously been caught. Under Rehman’s proposals, those caught three times could face up to two years in jail.

Rehman has appeared on the BBC's World At One, BBC News, BBC London and BBC Radio Kent to argue for this Bill.

In an article for the Kent on Sunday, Rehman argued that more can and should be done to reduce drink driving on our roads. Rehman has also argued the case in a letter to the Times.

In October, Rehman was named as the Road Safety Parliamentarian of the month for his drink driving campaign.

In December, Rehman hosted a debate on road safety and raised his Drink Driving Bill with the Transport Minister.

In 2014, Rehman won Brake's 'Parliamentarian of the Year: National Campaigner' award for his road safety campaigns.

Rehman presents his 10 Minute Rule Bill

Rehman hosts his road safety debate