Rehman's charity work

Rehman announces he is running the 2020 London Marathon on behalf of Aid to the Church in Need

Rehman has announced that he will be running the 2020 London Marathon on behalf of the charity Aid to the Church in Need, which helps to support persecuted Christians across the world.

Charitable donations can be made on Aid to the Church in Need's website here:

Rehman runs London Marathon in memory of Cllr Mike O'Brien

On 23rd of April, Rehman ran the London Marathon in memory of his late friend and colleague Cllr Mike O'Brien in aid of Cancer Research UK. Rehman raised over £2000 from across the community, and became the fastest MP in Parliament with a time of 3 hours 34 minutes. Thank you to all who donated and supported Rehman in his marathon effort!

Rehman supports local charities

Rehman runs 12th half marathon for charity
Sunday 14 February 2016

On Sunday 14th of February Rehman ran his 12th half marathon for a local charity.

Rehman ran the Headcorn half marathon in 1 hr 31 min, this time in aid of the Oliver Fisher Baby Unit at Medway Hospital. Rehman raised £155.

Rehman raises funds for Medway Hospital Radio in latest half marathon challenge
Sunday 6 September 2015

Rehman completed his 11th half marathon in support of a local charity, raising hundreds of pounds.

On Sunday (6 September 2015) he took part in the Fosters Law Kent Coastal Half Marathon, completing the course in 1 hour 34 minutes.

Rehman raised £325 for the charity.

Rehman ran his 10th half marathon for Take Heart Mercy Mission
Sunday 15 February 2015

Rehman ran his tenth half marathon at Headcorn for Take Heart Mercy Mission, the official charity partner of Gillingham Football Club.

Thanks to generous support, Rehman raised £590 for the charity, which works to save the lives of children with serious heart conditions in Sri Lanka.

Rehman completed the half marathon in a personal best time of 1 hour 28 minutes.

Following the event Rehman said:

"I am delighted to have helped raise money for this wonderful charity helping children.

"It is a great feeling having run my personal best time on my 10th half marathon supporting local charities. I want to thank all those who sponsored and supported me."

Rehman ran his 9th half marathon for Home-Start
Monday 25 August 2014

Rehman completed his ninth half marathon in Canterbury to raise funds for Home-Start Medway, a charity which helps to support families during difficult times.

Thanks to a number of donations, including from the Gillingham Tesco store, Rehman managed to raise £500 to support the local charity.

Despite the challenging weather, Rehman completed the 13 mile run in his personal best time of 1 hour 33 minutes.

Rehman sleeps out for charity with MHS Homes in dockside car park
Saturday 28 January 2012

Rehman, along with Cllr Mike O'Brien, tonight are sleeping out in the car park at MHS Homes, in the dockside car park to raise money for charity and awareness for the homeless. A big thank you to Ashley Hook, Chief Executive of MHS Homes, for organising this excellent event and all the sponsors for tonight. Rehman commented: "It is very cold but a fun evening."

Rehman runs his 8th half marathon for a local church
Sunday 17 October 2010

Rehman Chishti, MP Gillingham and Rainham, ran his eighth half marathon to raise funds for the Holy Trinity Church Roof Appeal. Rehman completed the Maidstone half marathon in 1 Hour 45 minutes.

Following the event, Rehman commented: “I was delighted to take part and raise money for the church. The time was a pleasant surprise as I haven’t had much time to train recently.”

Rehman runs his 7th half marathon (Paddock Wood half marathon) in aid of Hands Rainham, local voluntary organisation
Sunday 11 April 2010

Rehman today ran his 7th half marathon for an excellent local voluntary organisation Hands in Rainham, which helps a vast number of people especially the elderly. Rehman ran the half marathon in his personal best time of 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Rehman commented, "I was delighted to have run the half marathon for this excellent local charity and fulfill my promise. I must say the last week has been a very demanding and rewarding week, with only 4 hours sleep a night, the rest spent campaigning, meeting local residents, dealing with residents' case work and working to earn local residents' trust, who have been badly let down by this Labour government.

"I must say the response that I and my parliamentary campaign team have received on the doorsteps of Gillingham and Rainham has been fantastic. People want change and they see the Conservative party and David Cameron providing that positive change that will help improve their quality of life. After a long day on Saturday meeting hundreds of people and with only 4 hours sleep I was delighted to record my personal best time. I thank all the people who sponsored me, and the organisers for putting on an excellent event."

After getting back to Gillingham, Rehman spent the afternoon meeting local residents, before attending the Medway Pentathlon women’s final at Medway Park in Gillingham, after which the evening was spent delivering leaflets.

Rehman runs his 6th half marathon for Local Charity (Maidstone half marathon)
Sunday 18 October 2009

Rehman Chishti Conservative parliamentary candidate for Gillingham and Rainham today ran his 5th half marathon in a personal best time (1 hour 46 minutes) for a local charity and to help a local boy Keiran who is 14 years old and lives in Hempstead and is blind. Rehman had met Keiran and had offered to run this half marathon to help raise the profile for his appeal, and to raise some funds to help Keiran travel to China for a stem cell operation.

Since Rehman pledged to run this half marathon, Keiran and his family have reached their target to fund the operation in China. Rehman met Keiran’s dad before the race, who also ran the half marathon. Rehman will therefore donate the money raised to a local charity helping supporting people with blindness. Rehman said: "It was tough going today as the Maidstone half marathon route is very hilly however I thoroughly enjoyed it, and helped raise the profile and some money for such a worthy cause. I would like to thank Laura Church (from Lane academy Rainham) for her training and advice on nutrition, this really paid off in helping me set my personal best time of 1 hour 46 minutes. A big thank you to all those who sponsored me."

Rehman organises and plays in charity 5 a side football match in aid of cerebral palsy trust
Tuesday 10 March 2009

Rehman today organised and played in a 5 a side football match, with a community based team comprised of Rehman, Superintendant Des Keers, Inspector Aland, Phil Manning (former School Governor of Barnshole School), Justin Way (local solicitor) and Adam (former player of Sittingbourne FC). The community team played against a Medway Council team, the first match was won by Medway Council, whilst the second match was won by the community team.

Rehman commented: "I thank everyone for playing, it's a great fun way of raising some money for such a worthy cause. I must say not having played competitive football for the past 10 years it was tough going at times but certainly worth it, and great to have won a match against an excellent Medway Council team."

Rehman visits Hands in Gillingham, and pledges to run his 5th half marathon for the local charity to raise money
Tuesday 17 February 2009

Rehman visited the Hands charity in Rainham and met with Ann the centre's manager and Mark the chairman. Rehman commented: "Gillingham Hands, plays a key role in the community in helping vulnerable people in the community. I am pleased to have had the opportunity to visit the centre and meet the excellent team."  Rehman, has now pledged to run a half marathon in aid of raising money and awareness of the excellent work that the charity do.

Reh Chishti takes part in world gym challenge in aid of British Heart Foundation

Rehman took part in the world gym challenge in order to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. Rehman competed against an athlete from Manchester, in running, rowing and cycling. After successfully competing in the event Rehman commented: "This was very tough I now know how hard cross training is, but I have to say it was totally worth it, in raising money and promoting the work of the British Heart Foundation who do such excellent work in the community."

Rehman further said: "The British Heart Foundation is very dear to me, as I have recently lost an uncle due to heart failure, and I very much support the work of the British Heart Foundation."

Rehman joins the Mayor of Medway at his charity ski night

Rehman joined the Mayor of Medway Cllr David Carr, and other councillors and Mayors from across Kent in supporting the Mayors Charity ski night and raise money for charity.

Rehman Chishti runs 4th half marathon in aid of Church Roof Appeal Gillingham
Sunday 17 August 2008

Rehman Chishti Conservative candidate for Gillingham and Rainham ran his 4th half marathon (Isle of Wight) this weekend 17th August 2008 for local charities and St Mary Magdelene Church, Gillingham in the constituency this weekend, in a personal best time of of 2 Hours and 4 Minutes. At the same time he raised over £250 for St Mary Magdelene Church Gillingham Roof Appeal.

Rehman commented: "This half marathon was my personal best, the weather was great, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, apart from a few big blisters afterwards on the feet, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, all the more rewarding as it was for such an impotent cause."

Rehman Chishti opens the newly refurbished British Heart Foundation Store in Gillingham
Thursday 22 May 2008

Cllr Rehman Chishti opens the re-launched British Heart Foundation Shop in Gillingham on 22 May 2008. Cllr Rehman Chishti was delighted to have been asked to cut the ribbon at the formal launch of the British Heart Foundation shop in Gillingham. Cllr Chishti said: "The British Heart Foundation shop in Gillingham, provides much need support to the excellent work of the foundation, and I was delighted to have met some of the excellent hard working members of staff on Thursday.

"I must say the shop with its new look, provides some excellent purchases for all, I was pleased to have bought the first sale of the day, that being a biography of Freddy Flintoff, as I am a big fan of the cricketer. I would ask all to visit the store and see for themselves what excellent purchases it has, and at the same time support the excellent work it does."

Rehman abseils to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support

Rehman Chishti, successfully abseiled the tallest building in Ashford in order to raise money for a cancer unit.  He said: "Many thanks to all of you who sponsored me, I must say I wasn’t a keen fan of heights but this was certainly worth it. Macmillan Cancer Support does a fantastic job, and I was pleased to be able to support them."

Rehman Chishti presents a cheque of over £6000 to Rainham Poetry Club

Rehman said: "I was delighted to have written a reference for Rainham Poetry Club, which helped them gain some lottery funding, for the excellent work they do in the community."

Rehman Chishti contests a charity cricket match at Rainham Cricket club

Medway Messenger and Gillingham and Rainham Conservatives parliamentary team, contested a charity cricket match at Rainham Cricket club, with money having been raised for Wisdom Hospice. On the day Gillingham and Rainham Conservative team, came out on top with a fiercely contested but fun match.

Gillingham and Rainham Parliamentary team, are thankful to a number of local community leaders for playing, such as Rev Chris Butt, St Matthews Church, Jim Fearney Headteacher Byron Primary School, local nurse Sam Newton, Richard Cribb, Chatham Grammar school for boys. Next the Gillingham Conservative Parliamentary team take on Medway Council Chief Executive's team.

Rehman Chishti Team Captain and Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Gillingham and Rainham said: "It was a great fun way to raise money for charity."

Gillingham and Rainham Conservative Association, win the Medway Messenger Charity Quiz, local government section

Commenting on the victory, Rehman Chishti said: "It was an excellent evening, and a great way to raise money for charity."

Conservative Parliamentary Candidate Reh Chishti donates to school following attempted cash robbery

Rehman Chishti personally donated £45 from his own pocket to St Mary’s Catholic School after he heard reports that yobs had tried to steal the money from a school summer fete collection box. Councillor Chishti had early on the same day visited the school fete, and was impressed by the school’s well organised and well attended summer fete. Rehman said that he was shocked at how these yobs had the nerve to ruin the community event. Rehman added: "That’s why I donated £45 from my own pocket to encourage community spirit." “Earlier in the year I was delighted to have given the school £500 towards their new playground from my ward improvement funds as their local councillor at the time.”

Rehman’s 3rd half marathon in Jersey  in aid of Age Concern Gillingham
Sunday 18 January 2007

Rehman Chishti (Conservative parliamentary candidate for Gillingham and Rainham) ran the Jersey half marathon for Gillingham Age Concern on Sunday 18th of January 2007, in some of the most difficult running conditions encountered in Jersey, strong winds, and heavy rain. Rehman ran the half marathon in his personal best of 2 hours and 17 mins, he said, this was certainly tough but, certainly worth it, as Gillingham Age Concern play a key role in the local community in helping the elderly.

Rehman raised over £300 for the Gillingham Age Concern

This is Rehman’s third half marathon this year raising money for local charities and worthy causes, earlier he had run, the reading half marathon, Isle of Wight half marathon, for St Margate’s Church Rainham, Rainham Youth Cricket club, the Dobson Trust providing care for the elderly. And now Age Concern.

Rehman’s 2nd half marathon, Isle of Wight in aid of St Margaret’s Church Rainham Roof Appeal
Sunday 19 August 2007

Councillor Rehman Chishti successfully ran the Isle of Wight half marathon for St Margaret’s Church on Sunday the 19th of August 2007.

Rehman Chishti Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Gillingham and Rainham successfully completed the Isle of Wight half marathon in 2 Hours and 24 minutes, and raised over £250 for St Margaret’s Church roof appeal.

Rehman said: "I was delighted to have been able to compete in the half marathon, and be able to raise money for such a worthy cause, I must say it was certainly much harder than the reading half marathon which I ran earlier in the year for local charities, as this track was much more hillier."

Rehmans 1st half marathon in aid of Rainham Youth Cricket Club, and Dobson Trust Gillingham

Councillor Rehman Chishti, member for Rainham Central, hands over a cheque for £125 to Bob Russell from the Dobson Trust, as a result of some of the money he raised from running the reading Half Marathon. Councillor Chishti said that he was delighted to have raised money for such a trust, which looks at helping elderly people in Gillingham and Rainham, and thanked Bob Russell for introducing him to the excellent work of the Trust earlier in the Year. Mr Chishti has made similar donations to Rainham youth cricket club.

David Frost fomer Gillingham School boy lends his support to Rehman Chishti in his half marathon bid to raise money for St Margaret’s Church Rainham.