Rehman speaks up for Polio survivors

Government agrees more needs to be done for Post Polio Syndrome

Rehman Chishti, Parliamentary Ambassador for the British Polio Fellowship speaks up for Polio survivors, in The House on 7 February

Tougher controls on laser pens

There has been an increasing number of incidences where laser pens are used to target civilian and military aircraft, as well as cars and trains and Rehman has been campaigning to make high powered laser pens prohibited items under the law.He has introduced a Bill in Parliament which would prohibit the possession of a laser pen of more than 1 milliwatt in strength, with the offence having the same sentence as carrying a knife.Rehman has also raised the issue in Parliament, calling on the Justice Secretary to support his proposal.

Tackling illicit tobacco

Rehman has urged the Government to introduce to take tougher action on the selling of illicit tobacco.There have been reports of shops in Gillingham making £25,000 a week out of the illegal trade, taking money away from legitimate businesses and harming the local economy.

Mental Health Bills

To improve care for people with mental health, Rehman has introduced two Bills in Parliament.With one in four people in the UK suffering a mental illness at some point in their lives, and around two million more adults likely to face such an illness by 2030, Rehman believes more needs to be done to put mental health care on a more equal footing with physical health.