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"Congratulations to Rehman Chishti for winning the Conservative Party People's Choice MP of the Year Award 2015."
The Patchwork Foundation, 4 November 2015

Rehman "has only been in Parliament since 2010, but displayed an expert use of the Chamber as a campaigning platform."
ConservativeHome on Rehman being placed second for their Parliamentarian of the Year Award, 31 December 2015

"Rehman has been a passionate advocate for religious freedom and I have been delighted to take part in debates organised by Rehman in Parliament. Rehman is one of those brave politicians, of all parties, who speak up for others even at a cost to themselves. We need more like him."
Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali, the former Bishop of Rochester

"The excellent Rehman Chishti, MP for Gillingham, has launched a campaign to change the way we all talk about 'Isil'."
Boris Johnson, Mayor of London and MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip writing in the Daily Telegraph, June 2015

"Rehman is a role model for politics and Rehman being the Parliamentary candidate for Gillingham is my loss and Gillingham's gain."
Benazir Bhutto, former Prime Minister of Pakistan, said on a visit to the Gillingham and Rainham constituency to support Rehman in 2007 when he was elected to stand for Parliament after having been her adviser

Rehman is amongst the 20 MPs under 40 who are the best of their generation and who have what it takes to be the next Prime Minister.
The New Statesman, 2011

"I have worked well with Rehman, who is a strong supporter of Gillingham Football Club. He understands the club’s importance to local people and to Gillingham. Rehman has always been there when I needed to speak to him. He even brought the Chancellor of the Exchequer to visit us."
Gillingham Football Club Chairman Paul Scally

Rehman is a rising star of the Conservative party.
The Daily Telegraph, December 2012

"Rehman is always willing to go the extra mile to help people. He offered to personally fundraise for us by running a half marathon, which helped to highlight our work supporting vulnerable families with children under five."
Charlie Grundon, Manager at Home Start Medway

"Rehman is making good progress and will become a great leader."
Prime Minister David Cameron said in an interview with the Daily Jang, April 2015

"To run a successful local business you need the Government on your side. Rehman has always been willing to take up any matter. I know that he will continue to work hard to bring in investment and attract business to the area as he has done over the past five years."
Colin Jarvis, Chairman of MEMS

"As a result of negligent treatment at Medway Hospital, I lost my wonderful wife, Valerie. It was Rehman who was at my side and fought to ensure we got justice. Eventually, the hospital accepted liability for Valerie’s death and offered to change their procedures so that no one else would have to go through what I and my family had to."
Local constituent Frank Frost

"When I lost my son, Aidan, who was a medical student, in a horrific unprovoked attack in Malaysia, Rehman rang me the day this horrific news broke and offered to do all he could to help my family at this difficult time. This was followed up with a meeting, arranged by Rehman, with the Foreign Office Minister, to ensure we got the help we needed."
Sue Hidson, local resident

“I know from working at the front line of the NHS, how much Rehman cares about local residents, ensuring they get the best possible care. When I raised health issues with Rehman, he took them up with the Health Secretary and raised them in Parliament."
Mr Gutzar Mufti, former Consultant Surgeon, Medway

"Rehman has always been visible and very accessible. Rehman has worked hard to support everyone in society and has not been afraid to speak his mind on tough issues, being courageous and brave."
The former Labour Mayor of Medway, Val Goulden