Broadcasters asked to use the term “Daesh”

Broadcasters are being asked to refer to the so called “Islamic State”, ISIS/ISIL as “Daesh”.

Following his letter to the BBC and to the Prime Minister, Rehman has now written to Sky, ITV, ITN and Channel 4, to request that they also refer to this terrorist group as Daesh. The letters are shown below.

Rehman Chishti MP said:
"Following my letters to the BBC and to the Prime Minister, which was signed by more than 125 MPs, I have now written to the other broadcasters in the hope they will change the term that they are using for this brutal terrorist group to better reflect its true nature.

"Along with this letter, I have included a copy of my article from Asharq Al-Awsat which sets out the full reasoning as to why the term “Daesh” should be used."


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