Rehman's decision on EU Referendum

Statement by Rehman on the EU Referendum:

"I have kept an open mind on whether we would be better off remaining in the European Union or that Britain would have a better future by going it alone. Having carefully considered the matter, I can see competing arguments from both sides.

"I have said from the outset that I would take into account the views of my constituents before making my final decision.

"I have now had the opportunity to speak to many residents at my MP street surgeries in Gillingham and Rainham high streets, Parkwood, Hempstead and Twydall, and across the constituency at various occasions, and I have considered all the correspondence I have received from constituents on this matter.

"A clear majority of the views that I have heard were for leaving the EU. I respect that and on balance, after taking these views into account, I will be voting to leave the EU in the forthcoming referendum."