Rehman holds regular MP Street Surgery

Rehman held Street surgeries in Rainham and Parkwood Shops with Conservative colleagues elected to Medway Council including Cllr Jan Aldous, Cllr Nusrat Ahmed, Cllr Roger Barrett, Cllr Howard Doe and Cllr Gary Hackwell to thank residents for their support in the recent Local Elections.

Rehman raises case of Medway Taxi Drivers at Business Questions

Rehman raised the case of Medway Taxi Drivers (MLTDA) regarding Uber asking the Government Minister to meet the MLTDA and himself to ensure that rules being applied in local areas are fair/consistent and take into account concerns of local taxi drivers.

Rehman welcomes constituents to Parliament

Rehman welcomed his constituent Luke to the House of Commons along with his family and friend Vinnie. Luke is fundraising for Evelina London who helped save his life with open heart surgery. 

Rehman attends Sunday Service at local Sikh Gurdwara

Rehman attended the Sunday Service at the local Sikh Gurdwara in Gillingham and invited them to join his MP delegation to Lahore Guru Nanak Dev Ji 550 Celebrations and made the congregation aware of his supporting faith communities motion on Parking at Medway Council.

Rehman holds MP street surgery in Rainham South

Rehman held his MP street surgery in Rainham South with the Conservatives local team Howard Doe, Gary Hackwell and Roger Barrett listening to residents views and taking up matters on their behalf.

Rehman attends Wigmore Residents Meeting

Rehman attended the Wigmore residents meeting along with members of the local Conservatives team including Rodney Chambers, Jan Aldous, Howard Doe and Nusrat Ahmed meeting local residents, as well as thanking the volunteers on the committee.